When I was growing  up, ELVIS was my main musical interest by a long way, but every now and then I would hear a certain song which I really liked, and enjoyed listening  and singing along to.

That is what Bassett`s Allsorts Is all about,  my favorite songs other than ELVIS.

Cliff Richard, Johnny Cash, Mud, Showaddywaddy, Everly Brothers, Bryan Ferry, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison,  Deacon  Blue, John  Denver, Robbie Williams, Tony Christie, to name but a few, of the ever growing list of artists I currently cover.

Bassett`s Allsorts is all about having fun, encouraging the audience to sing and dance and have a really good time.

I enjoy songs like Tom Jones "DELILAH", Johnny Cash`s "RING OF FIRE", Robbie Williams "ANGELS", songs that most people know and love to sing along with, who can forget  Mud`s "TIGER FEET", Elvis Costello`s "OLIVERS ARMY". Buddy Hollys "OH BOY".

Bassett`s Allsorts is available on its own, or can be combined with my ELVIS tribute show.

 Bassett`s Allsorts is very much a family show, and although a lot of times i perform on my own, i am sometimes joined by my brother Roger, who has been a backing singer for my ELVIS shows for around eight years, he is well versed in all the songs we perform, and adds a new dimension to the show,  also "Wendy j Bassett" who started out as a backing singer for my ELVIS show and is now a full time singer in her own right, covering 50`s 60`s, female singers and combines very well with the whole Bassett`s Allsorts theme.

Shows can be tailored to fit your needs and can be combined with my Elvis tribute, so for example you could have, an hour ELVIS tribute followed by an hour Bassett`s Allsorts, or you could have an hour ELVIS tribute, followed by Wendy.J.Bassett, followed by Bassett`s Allsorts.or just Bassett`s Allsorts on its own, whatever your needs we can accommodate.

Call me for a chat to discuss your needs.







Looking for sensational hits from the 50's & 60's? ...fab up-beat floor fillers from the 70's..
and even a sprinkling of Country? ...then I'm the gal for you!

Vibrant, sassy, female vocalist, performing a most entertaining evening incorporating outstanding hits from some of the best, most memerable singers of all time,
including.. Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Billie Jo Spears, Sandi Shaw and many many more ....

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